Friday, 13 February 2015

Nigerians, and minding their business or NOT

How many times have you been tempted to scream at someone be it friend, acquaintance, relative and most frequently a perfect stranger; MIND YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!!

Ahn Ahn! can't Nigerians mind their business? Na curse? Anywhere you go someone's nose is all up in your biz. 

 I am a first time Mom and just recently had my baby, from when I was pregnant and showing the comments and advise started; don't you think this jeans is too tight for you? Should you be wearing covered shoes? Why don't you wear slippers let the blood flow. 

It got worse when I gave birth, of course I had to go out and couldn't leave him at home. Every where I went; Is this baby not too small to come out with?  fine baby, see plenty hair, you are not holding him well, hold his neck well, he is not wearing a cap. Even heard; Why are you bringing out OUR baby na isn't he too young? Huh? Our what? You follow me inside labour room?

When I took him for baptism I met the mother of all nose pokers. I brought out a bottle to feed and she asked are you not on exclusive? I said yes I am but I expressed some milk so it would be convenient to feed in public. She muttered something like women of these days. Then she asks; Don't you think he would get used to the bottle and neglect your breasts? I said No, I breastfeed more times than I bottle feed. Then she goes hope you are careful about washing the bottles? Yes I do them myself I replied. She even went as far as commenting on my choice of outfit for my son, when I picked up my son to run away from her, his shirt rode up a bit and she went; when you dress him up make sure you tuck in the shirt properly so that... at that moment I felt like plucking off her eyes abi mouth. Meanwhile her less than 1 month old baby girl had is it tiro they call it or black eyeliner on her eyes and I refrained from making a comment about that could not she just mind her business like I need mine even though she might not agree with my method or principle?

Another strange episode; was in church and baby was fussy and I went out to breastfeed (no bottles this time) A lady walked past me saw me breastfeeding and asked with a smile on her face; Is he your baby? I was like HUH? God knows I am trying to curb the spirit of sarcasm in my life but this people are not helping me. So in my mind I responded; No its my neighbours baby, the pikin been dey cry so I talk say make I feed am ndok. (sorry just had to insert that efik word in there.)

Do you have your own experience of someone been all up in your business and how did you handle it? Please spill.

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Peace, Love and Cupcakes...


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  1. Amebo tins...pokenosing things. Very normal around here. Your blog post just describes my experience too...need I say more? Lol

  2. That's just how it is here dear... they dont just stop asking! you haven't heard the comments like you look different ooo, maybe you are lean or getting fat.. something has changed about you, sometimes, they just want to say something.

  3. We are raised by the society. Everybody business is everybody business. lol
    Just ignore them...

  4. We are raised by the society. Everybody business is everybody business. lol
    Just ignore them...

  5. Koko - I'm loving you already..... :) Is he your baby? LOL!!

    1. Calabar gal thank you so much. When next I am in Calabar I would hunt you down to eat that Ekpang you posted, no excuses. Lots of love.

  6. I have one particular one in my office. Always looking into my screen and not even pretending to spy on me.