Thursday, 12 February 2015

Stop Child Abuse

An incident happened in my compound today which makes me ask a lot of questions. To cut a long story short, it involved our temporal security man harboring a run away domestic staff for 5 nights. the surprising and sad fact is the girl is just 12 year old. when caught he wanted to deny that he never let her into the house but for the fact I had seen the girl leave the gate house the day before. Needless to say he has of course slept with her. As at this moment the security guy is MIA. Took hubby's bicycle with him, you can imagine.

 Her guardian abi Boss came to the house with a man from the State Ministry of Education,he  wanted to press charges but decided against it. On looking at the guardian I had the suspicion that he has been molesting this girl and she ran away cos her "Madam" was beating her, this was evident by the marks on her body.

This got me thinking;
Why shouldn't the minimum age for domestic staff be at least 16?
Who protects the vulnerable girl child?
Why is sexual molestation always hushed?
Why has it become ok for a 12 year old to indulge in sexual acts?
Is the government doing something towards all of these?

Say NO to Child abuse, sexual molestation and domestic violence.

Peace, love and cupcakes...


Photo credit: Huffington Post, Pinterest;the lifelong effect of child abuse

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  1. We have to create awareness and enlighten society that just because our parents towed a certain trend does not mean we should as well.

    If there is a legal age limit for 'helps' in whatever form, then society would be a better place. A greater awareness of labour laws, rights et al would go a loooooong way too......