Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tough Loving

How many of you remember this song; “Love me jeje, love me tender, you are my sugar, my honey my tender lover, if you say you love me I go stay forever” *insert beats, and start dancing butterfly* oops sorry I got carried away for a moment.  See how love is supposed to be jeje and tender and oh so sweet. It’s a good thing to be in love, to love and be loved.

Sadly a lot of people have a misconstrued idea of what love is and how one should be loved. I have heard lots and lots of stories about men beating, bashing, smashing, boxing and pounding their wives and girlfriends. These men una no get shame? Go and find your mate/size and try to pound him. I always say any man who lays his hands on a woman is a coward, a spineless, gutless, ball-less man who needs to re-validate his manhood by hitting on a weaker person.