Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Yay!!! Its the day we all have been waiting for. Happy Valentine day to my esteemed Blog visitors, you keep me going everyday. You are all my virtual loves even though sometimes you don't like commenting but I love you all the same. Have some cupcakes on me please.

So did anyone wake up to some cute valentine day surprise?  You can share at the end of the day, and I might just tell you how mine went too as the day is still unfolding. 

Don't forget to love someone today, it could be a stranger it doesn't matter, spread the love and give...

Peace, love and cupcakes...


Photo credit: Callinamarie


  1. I received a Val's gift three weeks ago from my Dearest. So i wasn't expecting any kind of surprise yesterday,but then,i had the best day ever! *smiles*

    1. That so cool... hope you got something for him oh or at least cooked something delicious

  2. I got a cooking gas and oven.
    Hmm!!! What really is that gift trying to say?
    How about yours? we are still waiting.