Monday, 23 March 2015

The Countless joys of Motherhood

This post was supposed to be up on Mother’s day but unfortunately, baby+ terrible internet service won’t let this blog be. The month of March is basically dedicated to women and mothers; guys sorry but we rule the world. This was my first Mother’s day celebration as a mother, not easy at all *fans self, finds out fan isn’t enough, puts on AC, chai they have taken light as usual*.

I remember after having my baby, I asked my Mom; “how did you do it?” Having all 5 of us, coping with our antics and been there personally for each of us. To my Mom,  my No. 1 mentor, my pillar I love you more with each passing day.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Pet Peeves

This post is inspired by Ebony Life TV’s The Spot, a talk show hosted by Ebuka (hot guy), Zainab (my female crush if I would admit having one) and Lamide. There is this segment where they state their pet peeves, these is like something small that is annoying to you. So I decided since I can’t get on the show yet (maybe someday I will) to state my pet peeves I can as well state them here and hear about yours too. I probably have a habit that is a pet peeve to someone out there. I know one of my sister’s pet peeves is punctuations, she always calls me or chats me up and say, go and edit your posts you got the punctuations a bit off, so now I make a conscious effort to go through my post before publishing.

So let’s go

1.       Mixing up English words that are pronounced same way but with different spellings and meanings for example; cease/seize, there/their, grateful/greatful (this is actually not a word but people still use it), where/were, thread/tread. Some people would just mix everything up; “Lord, I am so greatful”, I want to cease this opportunity”. Ahn, Kilode! If in doubt always use a dictionary, download the app it’s free.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Stereotyping; the tribal ish

I sometimes get into this situation where I introduce myself and the person asks where I am from. Although my name should give you an idea as I bear my native name but let’s sha forgive them.  I reply Akwa Ibom State and sometimes, there are like 3 reactions.

Scenario 1.
But you don’t look like them, you don’t even speak like them. Me: *blank stare* what do they look like? Or how do they speak? Guy: *stammering* you know na, with hand gesticulations they say; “most of them are short na” Me: have you met all of them or most of them?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The wife and the cheating husband

There are some men (emphasis on some) who can cheat for Africa. People say African men are polygamous in nature; Scratch that all men and it seems as though it is socially acceptable for men to cheat, society doesn’t ask questions. Infact you would be seeing public officers openly displaying their infidelity like kilode. Wives are used to their men pursuing small girls even underage girls like a headless chicken. I have even heard stories of men spending their wedding eve with their side chick and leaving her bed straight to Church to get married to the main babe, maka why?

These chronic cheats do it without shame, they are not even hiding it sef, if dem no fear and respect their wives at least make them fear God.