Friday, 13 February 2015

Fun things to do on Valentine day

Lots of people say Valentine's day is over rated, you should show love everyday not just on February 14th yea I agree with that notion but I also believe we should set aside a day to be extra lovey dovey with plenty red roses and heart shaped everything in red. This year's valentine falls on a weekend and we don't have any excuse what so ever to have a dull valentine, except for the single ones. Maybe I should do a post of what to do on Val's day when you are single.

I have a list of things to do on this extra special weekend.

1. Spend the weekend indoors.

Yes you read that, spend it indoors, pull out all the stops make it a special one. An added advantage is you get to avoid the over crowded restaurants especially as Nigerian restaurants don't think much about reservations. Have a candle lit dinner at home, prepare your partners favorite food, 3 course meal, wine, champagne,chocolates,  soft music and roses. If you can't cook you can hire a personal chef that would add to the overall effizy sef. Give each other massage and watch a romantic movie together. 

2. Spa treatment

Spend the day at a spa, some spas have treatment for couples. Full body massage, some beauty treatments, facials, sauna, pedi and manicure. Pick a treatment that is sensual and would make you come out feeling refreshed. Please not the spas that would give you a massage and you would feel as though a trailer jammed you, abeg oh.

3. Book a resort.

Spend the weekend in one of the many resorts we have in Nigeria, Obudu Cattle ranch, La Manga luxury beach villas, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort or Whispering Palms. Run away from the hustle and bustle and be booed up with your boo.

4. Dine Out.

Pick a lovely restaurant for fine dining, not a fast food joint or Mama Basira joint oh, I no send you that one.  Dress to impress and make sure you make a reservation ahead of time as most restaurants would be full, you also ask if the restaurant have a private dining section if you want a bit of privacy.

5. Picnic

Park a picnic basket, drive a bit out of town to some secluded spot or park, eat, count the stars and talk about everything and nothing, gossip sef. Some parks might be crowded on Valentine day, so avoid those ones. I remember Abuja parks especially Millenium park on days like this you would think they are sharing money there. 

6. Do something adventurous;
    Disclaimer: for married couples only. Step out of your comfort zone, have sex in a different place, maybe outside, anywhere. the idea of getting caught would add to the thrill. 

7. Charity Event: 
Love is about giving, don't forget those in need. You can spend the day in an orphanage, old people's home or organise a food drive to help the under privileged.

I hope there is at least something in my list that would interest you. My little contribution to make sure you have a love filled valentine. 

Peace, love & cupcakes...


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  1. Looks like you are relatively new in blogville. I have been seeing your comments on SDK and making a mental note to check you out. Well I did in the end - better late than never. (smile)

    Looking forward to reading intelligent posts from an alert, perspicacious and intelligent young lady. Am I stroking the right spots? LOL!!