Monday, 23 March 2015

The Countless joys of Motherhood

This post was supposed to be up on Mother’s day but unfortunately, baby+ terrible internet service won’t let this blog be. The month of March is basically dedicated to women and mothers; guys sorry but we rule the world. This was my first Mother’s day celebration as a mother, not easy at all *fans self, finds out fan isn’t enough, puts on AC, chai they have taken light as usual*.

I remember after having my baby, I asked my Mom; “how did you do it?” Having all 5 of us, coping with our antics and been there personally for each of us. To my Mom,  my No. 1 mentor, my pillar I love you more with each passing day.

Motherhood is a beautiful blessing and I thank the Lord each day for giving me my most precious gift. Having my son has taught me a lot of lessons and opened my eyes to seeing the miracle of life itself.  

I have learnt patience in another dimension, I remember the first couple of weeks after giving birth, I called my hubby in tears saying I don’t know how much longer I could cope especially as I was exclusively breastfeeding then, but I tell you it gets better each day.

There are awesome moments; that first real smile at you, when he looks for your hand and grips your thumb while breastfeeding, the realization that he now knows you are his Mother and not just the food supply machine. The bonding session over countless midnight feeds (these babies can suck out your very essence especially if it’s a boy)

I am now a world class singer and entertainer (from such a horrible voice, I am telling you if I joined the choir and led praise and worship the Reverend Father or Pastor would just run away from that altar) now my son feels I am the best performer in the world, Beyoncé got nothing on me. My basketball skills has improved from non existent to Pro; try aiming diapers at the bin from across the room.

I now celebrate every minor accomplishment like most new Moms know how to; awww! Look he just smiled, his first real smile, Aww he can now reach out and grab things, he can sit properly, oh I can swear he just made his first attempt at crawling. *does the chicken dance*

To my Son; thank you for making me a Mother, I love you beyond what I thought I am was capable of. You have brought sunshine to our lives and I celebrate you everyday. Already I can see that you are a strong man, you are intelligent and smart like your Daddy (No be say I no intelligent but im Papa own dust my own) You are a dancer, I knew that right from the womb. Above all I pray you put God first, you remain a source of pride and blessing to us and to your generation.

To all Mothers out there braving it; kudos to you, to the single Moms, words are not enough to appreciate you all; keep doing it. Kisses to you all.

P.S check out this cool blog by my personal person; a single Mom who blogs about the joys of single parenting here

Peace, Love and Cupcakes


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  1. Aww! This is so sweet. Makes me want to make on girl a mother soon.
    Still on march as the month of women, I wrote a piece on a painful condition afflicting many women; endometriosis.

    1. Glad you like it, but remember wedding bells first then the kids can follow, read your article and it is so informative, we actually don't know enough of this condition as we should.

  2. such amazing moments not fully understood until personally experienced. Big ups!

  3. such amazing moments not fully understood until personally experienced. Big ups!

  4. It's so exciting to watch a child grow

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  6. Aww this totally got me
    I could feel the love in every word

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad you like it.

  7. This is beautiful! And I recognise many truths in it.

  8. Awww... Simply remarkable, now I want to be a mum more than ever. Beautiful words, well done.