Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Stereotyping; the tribal ish

I sometimes get into this situation where I introduce myself and the person asks where I am from. Although my name should give you an idea as I bear my native name but let’s sha forgive them.  I reply Akwa Ibom State and sometimes, there are like 3 reactions.

Scenario 1.
But you don’t look like them, you don’t even speak like them. Me: *blank stare* what do they look like? Or how do they speak? Guy: *stammering* you know na, with hand gesticulations they say; “most of them are short na” Me: have you met all of them or most of them?

Scenario 2:
The person asks, Aah! So you are a Calabar girl? (Note I am Ibibio from Akwa Ibom not Efik, Calabar but as they want to slam all of us under “Calabar” no wahala let us continue. So you are a Calabar girl, Is it true what they say about Calabar girls? Me: *raised eyebrows* What? Him: That they are good in bed?

Scenario 3:
You are a Calabar girl, so you know how to cook very well. When am I coming to eat edikang ikong at your place?

Most people overlook the fact that there are lots of Calabar girls who are neither of these 3. These talk just keep flying around and now people kind of accept it as fact. I could say the good cooking and good sex stems from the popular “fattening room” As for the Akwa Ibom looks part, well I was telling my hubby about this post and he looked at me funny and I was like why the look? He says “But you don’t look like them na” Haba is it that bad? My people are not short jor!

We must have heard lots of tribal stereotypes such as the Esan man (a tribe in Edo State) is very wicked in fact if you see a snake and you see an Esan man kill the Esan man first before the snake. Kogi people are very wicked too. Benin girls are prostitutes in Italy and Spain, they are also very diabolical. Igbo girls would finish all your money, Benue girls are very good in bed or promiscuous, Urhobo men are promiscuous and marry more than one wife, Efik men are quite lazy, Yoruba people are dirty and it goes on and on.

Do you think these stereotyping is right? Which of them do you think are true and do you have any to add? As usual I would like to hear your views. Do you think we should drop these stereotyping and relate with one another on individual basis without letting tribal sentiments cloud our judgment?

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  1. loooooolz as a bonafide akwa ibom chic myself..i have experienced all 3 scenarios countless times and it's sooooooooo boring. *rolling mi eyes*. But to be honest also, sometimes it does make me proud. depends on the context of the convo.

    1. Yay! Akwa Ibom Isongo. And yes this stuff gets kind of boring, once a guy says so you are Calabar? I roll my eyes in anticipation of the next questions.

  2. Koko Baby, I am an ijebu girl and all dis comments dey vex me. People tell me Ijebu are fetish, our ladies r too ambitious, we luv parties etc
    For instance, boyfwend took me to meet his parents who are also yoruba, d meeting was suppose to be a friendly one ended up as a defense one, u nided to see me trying to convince dem dat Ijebu r nice people, future mother-in-law was yabbing her son for bringing me home. I bore all dis insults cos she is older.
    Infact, dat day d relationship had a K-leg, we broke up cos he said his mother isn't in support.

    This stereotypes won't do us good, we shd see people as person nt putting all dis tribal tags on dem.

    1. So sorry dear, the mother no even try and she couldn't code it sef. He wasn't meant for you. Someone better is on the way. I always encourage people to look beyond tribal sentiments when deciding on your life partner.

  3. Dated my Igbo wife from. 2007 to 2013 when we got married and she never asked me for a cent though I act even before she needs anything.Igbo. Ladies are even the cheapest to maintan if you got a wife and not a diamond digger !

    1. You see, you are blessed to have her and gives credence to the fact that tribal stereotype doesn't hold water.